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1, the industry's unique light Harmonia color selection mode
Has a good effect for high-end color sorter color sorting requirements shallow yellow, spots, dark rice, a carryover of up to 1: 1 or more, the second can be achieved with a ratio of 15: 1 or more (bad: good) , this mode can be achieved with a white belly shallow yellow signal separation, the election does not yellow with white, the technology industry is absolutely leading position.
2, color mode
Can meet all kinds of rice processing requirements for color selection, choose color, spots, and other impurities out of a ratio of up to 1: 1 or more, the second with a ratio up to 15: 1 or more (bad: good).
3, white belly election mode
Achieve further optimized color selection effect, choose a white core with a ratio up to 1: 1 or more, the second with a ratio up to 25: 1 or more; choose whole grain white, all yellow with a grain of up to 1 ratio : 1 or more, the second with a ratio up to 30: 1 or more (bad: good).
4, Drive IOT system
Independent cloud control, cloud computing technology, online operations, online monitoring, online services, free upgrades.
5, the operating system
New optimized user interface, easy to learn, including "backup plan", "recovery plan" and other functions, convenient parameter customers in the misuse of automatically restore the original color selection parameter disorder.
6, the image acquisition system
5088 international cutting-edge industries dedicated full-color high-speed line scan imaging CCD sensor, the top international supply consultation tailored special lens color selection accurately identify subtle lesions 0.04mm2 meet belly white, white core while sorting, a separate high-sorting color selection requirements.
7, the light source
Latest Original Smart LED Cold shadowless light system designed to allow small spots, shallow yellow, white belly, white core, black pin-point escape detection, identification easier and easier to judge, sorting effect is more accurate, long design life, high luminous efficiency, anti-interference stability.
8, the image processing system
Using the latest multi-mode smart complex algorithms for rice-based small spots, shallow yellow, white belly, white core, pin-point blackheads and other heterochromatic tablets, providing a more flexible sorting combination regimen with higher precision color selection with than the lower.
9, feeding system
Have identification materials to ensure cutting speed and maintain a uniform number. Dust, moisture, shock, anti-bounce material, low maintenance requirements.

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Note: The above parameters are based on rice, indica rice, long grain rice, round grain rice output Single channel color sorter at 1-3T / h situation results yield will vary depending on the raw material impurity rate.

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