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product name: TS-V-type three-tea color sorter
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1, a light source system
Latest Original Smart LED Cold shadowless light system design, high light, longer life, stronger anti-interference, and easier to identify, determine more easily, more accurate sorting features to meet a variety of tea 360 shape sorting and color sorting requirements.
2, Cloud IOT system
Independent cloud control, cloud computing technology, online operations, online monitoring, online services, free upgrades.
3, independent sorting mode solutions
That can be set independently on each color or shape is selected to be set independently selected form additive color combination regimen, free combination of choice.
4, the unique design of wide-body separation chamber
Tea solved by swirling airflow caused by dirty sorting problems, improve the yield and reduce the process of sorting the tea break rate.
5, image acquisition system
The world's top custom industrial sensors and CCD color sorter special lens, high-definition imaging technology, camera image acquisition is selected tea, tea can be selected in different colors and shapes to define the color of tea. Minimum resolution range 0.008MM2, can small spots, black needle point signal is superimposed enlargement process.
6, three V-type integrated design
Three V-shaped structure, integrated portfolio, easy installation and maintenance, to meet different customer needs sorting.
7, V-type design
You can pre-sorting scrap box split after the election, up to post-sorting box sorting, sorting is completed at once refined and net terrier, more convenient operation.

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Note: The above parameters are hetero-election of 3% green tea, for example, the yield will vary depending on the raw material impurity rate.

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