360 new horizon - anmeida brand maize special color sorter grand listing!
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Special color selector for 360 degree corn:
1, rice type structure design
Original four dimensional space structure design, 360 dimensional intelligent recognition, multi angle, clear and complete.
360, 2 degree image acquisition system
The international cutting-edge color CCD image acquisition system, the original 4-D four lens to achieve a comprehensive coverage of the 360 degree all-round, multi angle, three-dimensional, solves the ordinary double optic lens can only identify the part and stay dead. Improve the selection rate, to meet the requirements of the high end of the corn.
3, image processing system
International high-end 5400 full-color line scanning technology, international forefront of DSP + FPGA processing technology, color and shape combining a variety of modes of complex arithmetic. Once removed in corn grain, Jiao Huli, mildew spots, bug, mildew spots etc..
4, intelligent wind curtain function design
Through the fan blowing system, high-speed airflow will in front of the lens glass dust, ethereal and rapid clearance, to ensure resolution and color sorting accuracy.

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