China branch photoelectric - boost cloud tea world famous Tenth China Yunnan Pu er tea country
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   The Tenth China Yunnan Pu er Tea Expo Fair in May 15, 2015 -5 18 in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition center. This exhibition is to show the plateau characteristics of charm, enjoy Yunnan tea "as the theme. Yunnan is the birthplace of the world's tea tree center, is the hometown of Pu er tea. Tea industry is the main component of the construction of plateau characteristic agriculture modernization in Yunnan Province, and it is also the pillar industry of Yunnan province. The current tea Bo will together from various circles at home and abroad friends, entrepreneurs to Yunnan Province tea area, tea, tea, tea enterprises visit, investigation and business negotiation. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, cloud tea experience cloud tea charm, enjoy the quiet, cloud cloud tea taste tea style. 
  "Winding around the hill, camel bell sound canyon; Yi trade routes of the tea horse road, qicaiyun tea reputation of Kyushu" represented by the tea, Dianhong tea of Yunnan tea since ancient times by the favor of consumers at home and abroad. Zhongke opto - anastrozole brand tea color sorter as tea color sorter leader in Tea Expo this year, and recommended its single tea color sorter, double tea color sorter, three layer of tea color sorter to meet the needs of different levels of merchants. And cloud tea enterprises to work together to enhance the quality of cloud tea, cloud tea brand boost.

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