"A group of wild goose fly led Innovation -- the reputation of the world", Feixi Zhongke photoelectric
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Speaking of Anhui Zhongke photoelectric color machinery limited company in the industry, no one knows, Wurenbuxiao, even overseas. The company produces a series of photoelectric color selector, not only firmly occupy the market share of more than 30% of China, but also successfully exported to the United States, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
Zhongke photoelectric I County Peach Town, the territory is located in, is a professional engaged in the smart color selected equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, covers an area of 10 million square meters, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, with modern production workshop 22000 square meters, scientific research building of 25000 square meters. The company formed an annual output of 1500 intelligent color sorting equipment, the output value of 2 billion yuan of the scale, huge amounts of money to introduce patch welding machine, laser cutting machine, CNC machining centers, and other sophisticated equipment more than 100 sets, has become currently the largest intelligent color selected equipment production base. Rely on Hefei is the great advantage of the civilization of science and Education City, Anhui Branch of optoelectronic Co., Ltd has established a special enterprise technology R & D center, has a photoelectric technology experts in the field of science and technology leader in high-quality research and development team. After continuous exploration and efforts, the team with strong research ability, extraordinary innovation concept, pragmatic spirit of study become our country technology pioneer. Companies with foreign capital dark machine manufacturing enterprises to launch fully with independent intellectual property rights "anmeida" brand series of color sorter marketing at home and abroad. This magical machine, can meet the needs of rice, Cereals, tea and special materials in precise sorting. The reporter sees in Zhongke photoelectric, employees of the company will be a vat of mixed with corn and soybean in various food and pour into the machine, a machine can be all kinds of grain screening clearly. It is understood that the company's production of "anmeida" brand series of color sorter not only won the "Anhui famous brand" title, also in 2014 won the State Administration for Industry and Commerce assessed and was awarded "China well known trademark", products include 30 many national inventions and utility model patents, six national high and new technology products, five provincial products and a Anhui Province Science and technology achievement appraisal.
Group of wild geese fly. Zhongke photoelectric brilliant to say, can not say that the company founder and chairman, Feixi people section of Kai Zhang, in his early years with the optoelectronics industry development ahead of the ability to comprehend, discerning, founded the company, the branch photoelectric brand slogan the country towards the world. Chairman Duan Qizhang love machinery research and often do it yourself product research and development and in time going to work is often a body work clothes in front of the machine Daoteng. Under his leadership, a large number of scientific and technical personnel in the Department of science and technology. The company is now the owner of social examination and assessment of senior workers more than 200 people, intermediate workers more than 100 people. 2013 and 2014, two consecutive in the County Technical festival were obtained of Feixi County technical experts "title, 2014, chairman of the open palm awarded Hefei" 51 "labor medal, created" model worker innovative studio "through the City Federation of trade unions of the assessment and acceptance.
The great development of the enterprise depends on the effort of all the staff and workers, the company's enterprise culture is rich and colorful, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. In the Anhui branch of the interview, everywhere you can see a busy and orderly work scene, the spirit of the state of the staff. China has more than 400 employees, staff wages, according to the post skill evaluation and compensation work. To stimulate the working enthusiasm, businesses through the carry out technical training and job training activities, carry out "astral class mechanic finds, give the corresponding mechanic subsidies by theory and practice exams and democratic evaluation evaluation star, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff. Corporate culture is rich and colorful, not only for the establishment of the fitness equipment, badminton courts, table tennis, billiards room,, also organize workers to participate in the basketball game and health run, held their annual Arts Festival, in the birthday of employees in the organization of tourism activities, to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the workers, to let the enterprise full of vitality of the positive. Held every company's annual "examination of employees", "autumn student" and "the difficulties workers condolences" activities, for the employees get married, birth, illness and so on, the company also set up special welfare fund, the warmth of the broad masses of workers.
People Qi, Taishan move. Leading the "China color selection" new trend of Anhui branch photoelectric, will write a new brilliant. The photo is of the photoelectric color selector of the company's employees in Thailand. (Zhang Dong / text map)

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