Usher in the sale of agricultural machinery business + business + financial model
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On September 20, Jingdong, appropriate letter and agricultural 1688 network at the Beijing Conference Center jointly held a news conference, officially announced the third party e-commerce machinery in the agricultural field established strategic partnership, in "business + business + financial" mode, and jointly promote the agricultural machinery sales and service business.
The press conference, the three party cooperation operation of the "agricultural store" in the Jingdong agricultural electricity providers channel line. 10 agricultural enterprises signed an agreement to become the first batch of agricultural enterprises settled in the Jingdong. According to reports, third party through a cooperative operation of farm machinery shops, online sales of agricultural machinery, agricultural finance lease, after-sales service, agricultural guidance combined, let farmer users no house can be completed agricultural consulting, purchase and financing fundraising and other aspects, and enjoy by door-to-door, instant installation, maintenance, agricultural guidance and other services.
As China's first implementation of the agricultural online sales, transportation, customer service, finance a dragon service of agricultural business platform, the "agricultural franchise stores," fill the blank of our electricity supplier in the field of agricultural machinery products category. Jingdong agricultural electricity providers responsible for Fan Tianyang said Jingdong by production enterprises, financial services, farmers tripartite organic unifies in together, can play Jingdong as the role of the largest self-supporting electric business platform and has covered the advantages of the rural electricity supplier base system, realize agricultural machine flat sales, allowing farmers to enjoy better and more economical to purchase and after-sales service.
By letter should be inclusive of financing lease of agricultural financial solutions, let the full purchase price to become a reality, let "first rich pay become possible, so that more farmers in the actual purchase demand, really enjoy to financial inclusion and help. Letter should be inclusive, senior vice president of Wang Wei told reporters that in order to make the actual purchase demand of farmers. Through this platform to get more benefits, appropriate letter will of all successful buy agricultural additional user provided free of charge a containing 25 major diseases of personal accident insurance, online shopping experience benefits and allows the purchase of farmers really enjoy to financial inclusion and help.

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